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Best Crypto and Forex Trading Bot. Grow your account with a powerful auto-trading bot. Don't let your emotions decide, instead let the artificial intelligence decide emotionlessly how to make profits consistently day after day, month after month.
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468.5% booked in this account since inception.
Closed the month of July with a 7.65% gain and started the month of August with a 5.8% positive.
Reached 500% trading this account using Profit Hammer Bot in 13 months.
10.8% profit booked in the month of August. This was the best month so far in the year 2023.
It took 13 Months and a set goal to achieve this feat.
3.19% for the month of September so far.
533% profit booked in 14 months of trading.
6.32% booked for the month of September 23.
15 months and almost 579%.
6.74% booked for the month of October 23.
Almost a 600% gain in this account since we started trading.
More Detailed Statistics.
3.42% profit booked so far this month already.
628.45% gain in the past 17 months on this account using The Profit Hammer Bot.
Consecutive profitable months.
Closed this month with a 7.79% gain.
665% Gain in 18 months of trading.
5.07% profit booked in December 2023.
Advanced Stats.