Profit Hammer Revolutionizes Crypto and Forex Auto-Trading by Harnessing the Power of AI

Published 18-07-2022

Profit Hammer is an advanced auto-trading bot that uses artificial intelligence to trade cryptocurrency and forex pairs. The Bot has been designed to make trading more accessible and profitable for novice and experienced traders. It has also been back-tested on past feeds dating 12-48 months in the real trading environment.

The Profit Hammer team has developed the Bot with a unique algorithm that analyzes market data in real-time and makes trades accordingly. The Bot can be used as a plugin with either MT4 or MT5, but as of now, only the MT4 version has been launched by their team, and MT5 will be launched soon. The algorithm is constantly learning and improving, meaning it will keep improving at making trades over time.

What is Profit Hammer Bot?

Profit Hammer Bot is a multipurpose tool that can be used by a beginner to completely automate the trading to an expert level trader who understands some basic technical & fundamentals of the market to semi-automate it and use it as a tool in his trading. Profit Hammer uses built-in filters to get the best entry and exit points and uses a grid system to trade and get out in profit. Filters combine built-in and custom indicators whose values can be edited if needed. These filters help to filter out wrong entries and give near-perfect entries and exits. The Bot has advanced features to control risk, entries, exit, take-profit, stop-loss levels, maximum trades, etc.

How is Profit Hammer Bot used?

Profit Hammer Bot is used as an expert advisor to attach it to an MT4 or MT5 trading software as a plugin.

Benefits of using Profit Hammer Bot

  • Stay ahead of the game with auto-trading.
  • Let the Bot handle the trades and do all the work while the user relaxes.
  • Can scan the market & come up with profitable trades
  • Monitors & Trades 24×7 on the user’s behalf.
  • Trading has never been easier or more profitable.
  • Free from human emotions and interactions.
  • Used as fully automatic or semi-automatic as per the need.
  • Perfect trading tool for both beginner & experienced traders.

How does it benefit the user?

  • The Bot does the work users hate doing.
  • Say goodbye to manual work, for the Bot does everything with streamlined and structured processes.
  • Simplified workflows, reduced errors, and lets the users spend more time focusing on the growth of the business.


  • Analyses the Market to find eligible entries.
  • Can be used as a fully automated or semi-automated tool.
  • Users can select lot sizes and have risk management.
  • Optimized settings are shared on a timely basis.
  • A complete guide and walkthrough of the setup are provided.

Updates & Upgrades:

With every license, a user will get free updates for 1 year and free configuration files in .set format. Successfully back-tested settings will be shared as .set files that can be loaded and used in 1-click by any user and can be downloaded from the website for free.


You can buy a 1-year license with free updates for up to 1 year for just $199, a lifetime subscription of the Bot for 1 account for $249, or unlimited accounts under a user’s name for $499.


Harnessing the power of AI, users can trade and make profits 24/7 by improving trading strategy and risk tolerance with financial scores, portfolio insights, and more.

Profit Hammer is changing how people trade cryptocurrency and forex and is quickly becoming the go-to platform for anyone looking to make money from these markets.

About Us:

Profit Hammer consists of a team of experienced crypto and forex traders with a combined experience of 20+ years in the financial industry. The team is passionate about making Profit Hammer the best auto-trading Bot in the world.

The company offers a simple, user-friendly bot that makes it easy for anyone to get started with crypto and forex trading. It believes everyone should have the opportunity to profit from the markets, and aims to make trading accessible.

Profit Hammer is the only Bot a user will ever need to trade crypto and forex successfully. It is easy to use and reliable and has consistently outperformed the competition with its sophisticated algorithms.

The team is dedicated to helping you succeed in trading.

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