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Forex Trading

Profit Hammer Bot is an algorithmic system that does automated trading in your foirex account.

Proven Performance

Profit Hammer Bot has been tried and tested. 3+ Years of backtesting and 18 months of live trading.


Launched in July 2022, it is trusted by 2000+ users. You can check out past 18 months of performance.


Always deliver more than expected.

Profit Hammer Bot will get good and stable returns on a complete auto mode in normal market conditions and if you understand basic fundamentals, you can make more than stable profits in any market conditions. We are committed to providing as much educational information as possible after you purchase our Bot.

We have back-tested our Bot in different market conditions from 12-48 months on multiple instruments and it has given realistic and good results.

Some of our back-tests include unstable market conditions like the COVID crash, Russia-Ukraine War crash & FED Interest Rate & Policy Decisions.

You can trade any instrument that is tradable in your MT4 software. We have back-tested the bot on Forex Pairs, Cryptocurrencies, Gold, etc.  

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Explore The Profit Hammer Bot Journey –

Verified Statements, Detailed Stats, and Client Stats Shared! Witness the transformation of a 10K account to 77K in 18 months, boasting a remarkable 650% increase, with a maximum floating drawdown of 39%. Let the Stats Speak for Themselves – Dive into the Video for a Transparent Insight!

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Tradable Market Segments

Forex Pairs

Profit Hammer Bot has been back-tested on MT4 and can be used to trade on forex pairs like EURUSD (EURO/US Dollar), GBPUSD (Pound/US Dollar), etc.

Crypto Currencies

Profit Hammer Bot has been back-tested on MT4 and can be used to trade on crypto pairs like BTCUSD (Bitcoin), ETHUSD (Ethereum), etc.

Metals & Commodities

Profit Hammer Bot has been back-tested on MT4 and can be used to trade on metals & commodities like Gold (XAUUSD), Crude Oil (WTI), etc.


Profit Hammer Bot has been back-tested on MT4 and can be used to trade on leading world indices like Dow Jones, Nasdaq, S&P500, etc.

The Story

Introducing Profit Hammer Bot, also known as Profit Hammer, a revolutionary forex trading algorithm that entered the scene in July 2022. With a meticulous backtesting period of over 3 years, this bot has seamlessly transitioned into live market action for the past 18 months, showcasing impressive results. Since its inception, it has delivered a remarkable 611% gain, consistently averaging 13% per month on trading accounts. Notably, the maximum drawdown stands at approximately 39%, a statistic verified by the independent platform, myfxbook.

Originally, Profit Hammer was offered as a plugin compatible with MT4, and its popularity soared with over 2000 copies sold until November 2023. However, as of December 2023, the sale of the EA has been discontinued, marking the dawn of a new era in trading dynamics. Now, users can subscribe to the system through a partnered and compatible broker, initiating a seamless shift in the trading landscape.

Under this new model, subscribers with a minimum capital of $2000 can effortlessly receive replicated trades in their accounts, mirroring the bot’s proven risk and reward strategy. The subscription model brings forth a multitude of advantages. Gone are the days of needing VPS or cloud hosting, translating to savings on associated fees. The upfront purchase fee for the bot, previously starting at $1200, is also eliminated.

What sets this model apart is the innovative payment structure. Subscribers are only charged by the broker if the bot generates a profit. In other words, the success of the subscriber becomes synonymous with the success of the service provider. The system thrives only when subscribers are in profit, aligning the interests of both parties.

This groundbreaking approach empowers users to create accounts and automate their trading today with any preferred broker from the list of compatible platforms. The future of intelligent, profit-driven trading begins now with Profit Hammer Bot’s new subscription-based paradigm.

Why Choose Us

Tradable Instruments

Our focus lies solely on trading select currency pairs, allowing us to hone our expertise and deliver unparalleled precision in the dynamic world of currency exchange.

Subscription Based Model

We only take a share of your profits as our fee, and there are no other charges. Your success is our success – we only thrive when you do.

Trusted by 2000+ Clients

Having soared past the sale of 2000+ copies, our Bot has now transitioned to an exclusive subscription model, embodying a new era of access and sophistication.

Proven Results

Our approach speaks for itself with a 3+ years of backtesting and a solid 18-month performance in live markets. It's a proven formula for consistently delivering stable returns.

Annual Plan
License for 1 MT4 Account
1249 USD
1 Account License for 1 Year
1 Year Support
Free Updates For 1 Year
Premium Telegram Group
Life Time
License for 1 MT4 Account
1499 USD
1 Account License for Lifetime
1 Year Support
Free Updates For 1 Year
Premium Telegram Group
3 Accounts Life Time
License for 3 MT4 Accounts
1999 USD
3 Account License for Lifetime
1 Year Support
Free Updates For 1 Year
Premium Telegram Group

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Trade smarter with Profit Hammer

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